Acquaint Yourself With BALAYAGE


Ask the Salon these Balayage Hair color Questions:

1. How long has the stylist been doing balayage and where did she/he train?

2. Do they use a special product designed for balayage?

3. What method do they use?

Number 3 is important. There are several types of balayage- most colorists just don’t know!

So ask these questions before you book. If you do your research you will end up with beautiful highlights that grow out well. If you don’t, you could end up with a preschoolers project on your head instead of the awesome balayage color you paid for!


Balayage, which is a French word meaning “Sweeping” creates the most natural-looking results because the professional HairArtist paints on the highlights by hand, and can place them throughout your hair in a more truly “sunkissed” and natural pattern. “When using foils, you work row by row, which makes the highlight pattern leave lines on the head which are not sexy! With balayage, you have more flexibility on where you want to place the highlights so the resulting look is truly sunkissed like you spent the last two weeks in Hawaii,” says Sterling.