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Tropical Leaves
Tropical Leaves


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Tropical Leaves


Brēdevi's journey as a stylist began in September of 2022. Prior to joining the team at Shockoe Salon, she was running her business, Mystic Honey, full time. As a Reiki Master, Temple Body Artist, and Embodiment Facilitator, she and Sterling have built a long standing friendship on these shared values. After facilitating a women's retreat in Costa Rica, she had a revelation that guided her to apprentice under Sterling at Shockoe Salon. 

Bre is currently studying color theory and formulation and taking clients who are in need of root touch ups and monotone colors. She is also bookable for styling, treatments, and blowouts. She thoroughly enjoys experimenting with more eccentric, dimensional, and vivid looks on her friends and family and will be practicing cuts in the months to come!

While spending time in the salon, Bre couldn't help but notice the unique qualities of Shockoe Salon that were not currently being represented in their marketing. As a fellow business owner and friend, she has since taken on graphic design, branding, and marketing roles for the salon. 

Whether she is working with clients or working on the business, she always approaches everything at Shockoe Salon as a channel for creativity and love for her community. 

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