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Voted best salon in Richmond va.
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We believe...

...that beauty is so much more than what we can observe with our two eyes. Beauty as we know it is merely the natural manifestation of something happening deep under the surface of the tangible world.


It is the magnetization of particles, vibrating to a special frequency, that invoke the sensations of wholeness, contentment, confidence, and inspiration. All of the elements that make you FEEL beautiful in your body.

Balayage - Haircuts - Hair color - Treatments

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We are visionarieswho specialize in amplifying the magnetic radiance that ALREADYexists within you.

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While all of our stylists have training, experience, and licensing that qualify them to create traditionally beautiful looks, our goal is to connect with your unique essence and craft the perfect look that enhances the beautiful, authentic YOU. 

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Every soul is as unique as a fingerprint. Some feel more radiant with graceful gray sparkles, some feel the best with long, vividly colored hair extensions, and others might fall somewhere in between. At Shockoe Salon, we strive to help you embody the parts of yourself that you love the most, so that even after the fresh look fades, you are left feeling confident in who you are, exactly as you are. That's what makes us one of the best salons in Richmond VA

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Our Master Stylist are also Holy Fire III Reiki level 2 practitioners. This means that as soon as your stylist puts their hands in your hair, you will recieve a transmission of the purest source light energy directly on your crown chakra. The crown chakra governs your connection to all of life around you. This transmission will entice you to open your thousand petal lotus crown so that you can download codes of beauty that come from the natural, cosmic world. 


What makes Shockoe Salon unique?

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We are education-focused.

We believe that as hair visionaries, we must position ourselves as eternal students. Our staff meets for weekly workshops to go over product knowledge, hair styling techniques and so much more. 

We also host teachers and master stylists, welcoming in hair visionaries that work outside of our salon

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We offer community events!

We believe that beauty is cultivated in spaces where people gather together to share art, music, laughter, hugs, and all of the things that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. We invite you to join us in our upcoming seasonal event series!

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See what the community has to say about Shockoe Salon

Abigail A.

Let me just say, that was the best hair experience I have ever had. Sterling is so talented and the head massage I got when he washed my hair was incredible. My blowout which I got saturday has lasted for three days now and still looks great! Highly recommend this place:) cutest dog ever
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There is so much more to your hair...

Science shows us that hair is a part of the nervous system that balances the electromagnetic field. It holds energy and the follicles are receptors, like an antennae that stimulates consciousness accordingly. 

In religious, spiritual, and mystical paths, hair styling and grooming is done ritually. Many of these groups including the Sikh, Muslim, Amish, Jewish, Native American, Indian, and even some branches of Christianity refrain from cutting their hair at all, partially, or only during very particular life phases. There is a common theme throughout world religions: hair is sacred and not to be messed with!

While we as a salon do not identify with one religion, culture, or particular belief system, we can't ignore the ancient, global belief that there is something magic about our hair. We vow to treat yours with reverence and respect, approaching it with conscious intention to improve both your look and your energy. 


We would love to hear from you! Use the form below to send us a message, find out phone number, or address to pop in a for an in person visit!


2200 E Main St.
Richmond, VA 23223


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